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Why advertise with us?

We have been working with hospitals and medical practises for over 20 years.

We offer partners and sponsors a large range of production options – all designed to attract and retain patient focus and attention within waiting areas driving traffic to your business.

Our creative, dedicated team are experienced within the medical sector and can provide valuable input and insight alongside your own vision to create a bespoke service that maximises the return on investment for every advertising partner.

Creating Custom Campaigns

We can create custom- made campaigns for your business combining original artwork and design with your existing branding and logos to produce engaging, relevant features strengthening your business and bringing new clients to your door.

Our digital design experts will ensure your brand’s message is clear, creative and compelling – crafting campaigns with impact that resonate with our captive audiences to ensure your commercial success.

Advertising Process

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Contract Signed

Once your contract is signed and your payment has been received our Patient Services representative will send over all correspondence to head office for us to process everything for you. You will then receive a welcome email and call from a member of our customer service team.

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Welcome Call

During your welcome call, we will verify your details and confirm correspondence information with you. Our customer service representative will explain the next steps, including your initial contact with our Design & Production Team. It is during this call you can discuss any questions or queries you may have. Our Customer Service Team make it their priority to ensure your customer journey with Patient Services is positive, productive and hassle free.

Ad creation

Advert Creation

Our design team have vast knowledge and experience within this sector and will ensure we exceed all of your expectations when creating your advert. We have access to 1000’s of stock images and we will utilise your branding to ensure we represent your business successfully. We can custom create campaigns for you or work with your original media and brand graphics and design to ensure your brand message is clear, creative and compelling.

quality check

Quality Check

We are committed to delivering high quality creative content for our customers, therefore our production team ensure all adverts are quality checked before being sent out to our customers. From branding examinations to grammar checks our production team will ensure all the final checks are complete before you receive our advertisement(s) to avoid any disappointment.

quality check

Advert Approval

Once the production team have a design ready for approval they will send to you for any amendments. We welcome client interaction and are expecting changes and amendments here as we share the pursuit of perfection. We will continue this process until you are satisfied and are comfortable in signing off and approving your artwork.

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Go Live

Following the approval of your advertisement our design and production team will send your advert to our publications department and we will work on getting your advertisement live. Digital advertisements can be live within 48 hours whilst our printed advertisements are usually installed within 21 working days from approval date. We will always notify you once our advert is live.

Advertising FAQ's'

What if i want more locations?

Our venues cover the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, if you wish to increase the number of locations that your advert features you can simply contact our customer service team who will be happy to discuss the other sites we have available on our network.

When does my 'Advertising Period' start?

Your ‘Advertising Period’ begins the day your advertisement goes live on your venue(s), therefore, you will not lose any airtime during the production period and you do not lose out on any paid for exposure, ensuring your business received the full benefit of your advertisement with Patient Services.

How do i pay for my Advertisement(s)?

Payment is made in full after signing your agreement through our secure payment portals which can be accessed by calling through to head office We accept all major debit and credit cards.

How will i be contacted?

Our teams will use a combination of communication methods to contact you. We understand that you have a business to operate, therefore we aim to keep communication brief and focused, however we will need to ensure that we have some level of communication with you to ensure that we reflect your business and key messaging accurately within your advertisement(s).

When will my Advertisement(s) go live?

We aim to have all adverts live within 8-12 weeks, however we regularly get advertisements live much sooner. In order for us to get your advertisement(s) through production faster we require input from you from the beginning. The more input, information and focus you provide from the beginning will enable our production team to bring your vision and ideas to life in your advertisement(s) faster.

How long is the agreement for?

Our standard term is 24 months. This is simply because both our partners and we prefer to build long term relationship and ensure continuity within the facilities we serve. We allow four artwork changes during that period and feel this is the optimum period to feature and maximise the return for your company. It also safeguards the venues we work with that we are not allowing businesses who are not committed to the local area to feature.

Why do i pay the digital inclusion charge?

This is a cost that allows us to maximise our feature to incorporate the best of our printed and digital options. The fee covers all of the digital work we do for you and also means you have the licence to use work we produce for you across all of your platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Businesses also often use our videos across their websites which optimises their online platform.

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