Welcome to Patient Services

Working with hospitals and medical practices for over 20 years.

Engaging, diverse digital systems that are simple to manage for health facilities and user- friendly for your patients.

Our pioneering digital signage technology combined with our industry specific knowledge and expertise dictate we are positioned perfectly within the market to tailor make bespoke solutions for any healthcare facility aspiring to connect more efficiently to their patients and staff.

Integrating seamlessly into any Healthcare setting

Our revolutionary Patient Services digital networks integrate seamlessly within any healthcare setting helping to deliver campaign objectives through modern communication systems that patients will appreciate and relate to. This helps dissipate the frustration and anxiety of waiting times as patients can be kept informed of delays or hospitals announcements.

Whether you are an Urgent Care Center, a Hospital, a General Practice, a Medical Village or any other unique facility, we can ensure you:

• Optimise your digital communication with patients and staff
• Improve the overall patient experience
• Increase facility productivity and maximise the potential of your healthcare services.
• Remove cost, save time and reduce the environmental impact of your traditional media.

Free of charge systems installed by professionals.
No one off payments or upfront costs.

All Patient Services Digital Platforms are provided free of charge to healthcare facilities with no upfront costs or hidden charges. The project costs are funded by a handful of carefully selected local associates businesses that we feel will be of interest and benefit to the patients and staff that use or work within the facility.

Patient Services currently supports over 400 individual Healthcare Providers throughout the UK including the NHS and BMI Healthcare with modern, effective marketing communication services

Optimise your digital communications
Free of charge with Patient Services

Why Patient Services?



Providing relevant, current information through your digital facility- opening hours, waiting times, facility maps and special clinics or triage services.



Educate your patients on the best health choices available to them through national campaigns provided from our partners, the NHS and the Government.



Communicate current research findings, real time statistics, current national campaigns, health incentives and more. Unlimited multimedia messages enables you to consistently update content and present real-time, relevant information to your valued patients.



Our healthcare digital signage software enables you to create multi-format media displays that communicate effectively with patients, staff and visitors to your medical practice.



Our software comes complete with hundreds of templates and is compatible with all media types including images, video, audio and text. Our programmes are easy to use to create visually engaging displays that you can publish instantly.


No Cost

Carefully selected, affiliated local and national sponsors fund your system. We carefully select all advertising partners to ensure they reflect well and do not conflict with any services the facility offers.